Friday, July 17, 2009

Skin cancer: How it affects your life?

You have heard it all about nonmelanoma skin cancer and its types Basal and Squamous. The rising concern is that it affects more than 1 million people each year in the United States. This rate is rising every year especially for young adults under 40 and the victims are mostly women.

The good news is that nonmelanoma skin cancer is not dangerous as it it is localized and does not spread to the whole body. However if unnoticed or untreated for an extended period of time will negatively affect the body and possibly start spreading.

Skin Cancer can lead to emotional turmoil apart from the physical affects. Every person copes with cancer in different ways. However the diagnosis can make you feel emotions like fear, denial, guilt, depression and a total loss of control on your life. Even after treatment one can feel anxious at minor signs making you scared. It can definitely bring about major changes in your lifestyle.

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